How to Confront a Lying Boyfriend & Make a Better Relationship?

Answer Dealing with a boyfriend who is a liar complicates your relationship. You're worried over all the things he lied about and upset that he feels as if he can't come to you to talk about things before... Read More »

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How Cheating & Lying Ruin a Relationship?

When couples cheat and lie in their relationships, everybody gets hurt---including the cheater. Relationships should be based on trust, love and mutual respect, none of which are representative of ... Read More »

How to Deal With a Lying Boyfriend?

If you have a boyfriend who cheats and lies, it's not a good relationship to be in and it's time to make a decision about where to head next. This article will help you to work through dealing with... Read More »

How to Tell Your Boyfriend the Truth About How You Feel After Months of Lying?

Everyone lies when they're in a relationship.[1] But while some lies are rooted in convenience or kindness ("you don't look fat"), others are much bigger and more damaging. Here's a step-by-step gu... Read More »

Your boyfriend randomly decided to join the coast guard and within two days he said he was enlisted Is that possible or is he lying?

It seems impossible to me. Im currently joining and you have to take the ASVAB test and get a medical exam and obtain your medical records... its at least a 2 month process. He could have signed pa... Read More »