How to Confront a Friend?

Answer Confronting a friend is never easy, no matter what you are confronting them about. It's always a challenge, and it's easy to mess up on your first try, or even the fifth.

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How to Confront a Former Friend?

Girls, friends are like birds. Pigeon friends are dirty. Swan friends are devils in disguise. And some can't hold in a secret.If you've got an ex-friend is one or even ALL of these check this out.

How to Ditch a Friend if You Don't Want to Confront Her?

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How to Confront A Friend About Reading Your Diary?

Help in that sticky invasion of privacy where she actually read something horrific about herself. What do you do or say to mend the friendship?

How to Confront Your Friend Calmly When You Feel Left Out?

So, your friend is playing,chatting and going to sleepovers at another girl's house. You feel left out and you don't know what to say to him/her? Read this article.