How to Confront Prejudice Whenever You Hear It?

Answer Prejudice never seems to go away. In fact, as more people believe that they automatically become extremely intelligent and informed from merely existing, just because they read Wiki one time, or fi... Read More »

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What song has the most emotional impact on you whenever you hear it?

How can you fix your plumbing snake if whenever you turn it on you hear the electric motor kick in but instead of turning it just hums?

Answer It sounds like one of two problems,Either the belt is off, (if belt drive)Or the motor is locked up or not starting, To test this UNPLUG THE UNIT, and use your hand to see if the motor will ... Read More »

My computer keeps restarting whenever it gets to the desktop and whenever i?

You have a curropted restore point. Do a fresh install of your OS.

When i am video chatting on face bk i can see and hear the other party but they can only hear me . how do i f?

Hello, Many users have problems with web cams. Press the designated button to turn on your camera. If you are using an external camera, use a compatible USB cable to connect the camera to the USB p... Read More »