How to Confront Others About Their Poor Hygiene?

Answer Confronting others about their poor hygiene is no easy social task, but the problem can be resolved by following a few simple steps.Sometimes a person's personal hygiene is not good enough. If they... Read More »

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How to Confront a Child About Their Obesity?

Sometimes we lose control of our eating habits and go haywire. Usually it results in being slightly overweight, but sometimes it's just too much and you become obese. It is horrible when it's your ... Read More »

How to Get Someone to Care About Their Personal Hygiene?

Good personal hygiene is important for social and health reasons. When a person doesn't care about hygiene, it can affect all interactions, from the personal to the professional. Bad breath, body o... Read More »

What is it about poor health that makes a person age before their time?

I have bad health also and have been through 8 surgeries over the years. I think you are right when you say your body has to work harder to keep the vital parts of your body working. I have kept fr... Read More »

The Effects of Poor Personal Hygiene?

Poor hygiene is known to be unacceptable in our culture with good reason. People do not want to be around someone who smells badly or is not clean. Poor hygiene is known to have health effects as... Read More »