How to Confirm Your Voice Range?

Answer When singing a song out of your range, you may find yourself straining to sing some notes. Use this guide to figure out what songs are in your range.

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What is the typical voice range of a soprano?

The vocal range of a soprano typically extends from middle C to the second A above that. The soprano is the highest vocal register in music. Sopranos are usually female, but the term also applies t... Read More »

How to Expand Your Singing Voice Range?

Every person is born with a fixed vocal range. You can't really expand that range, so much as you can learn how to sing the notes at the top and bottom of your natural range more comfortably.[1] Th... Read More »

My voice is so age is 17 but i sound like a 30-40 yr my question is,how to make my voice soft?

Heavy in what way. If you mean deep then that is never a bad thing! Think Richard Armitage, Alan Rickman, Sean Bean. All are gorgeous because of their voices.If you mean you want to have a less har... Read More »

What is type of device u use to analyze your regular voice into the chipmunk's voice?

The right way to do this is to double the frequency of the audiio. Speeding up the tape will do this also, but the rate of speech also increases by 2. If you double the frequency you get the high... Read More »