How to Configure a Static Internet Protocol (IP) Address on a Computer?

Answer All computers, just like houses, need to have an address on both the local network, and on the internet. Most operating systems come with a service to automatically assign this. But sometimes we wa... Read More »

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What is an internet protocol address?

An Internet protocol (IP) address is the identifying number of machines on the Internet. Each one is unique. People express IP addresses in the form of a dotted decimal number but computers communi... Read More »

How do I change an Internet Protocol address?

Press the "Windows" key and the "R" key on your keyboard simultaneously. This keyboard shortcut displays the "Run" dialog box in all versions of Windows. Type "CMD" into the "Run" text box, then pr... Read More »

How to Connect to the Internet With a Static IP Address?

Using a static IP address to connect to the Internet has several benefits that the average user may never take advantage of. A static IP is useful for websites that track use by IP, connecting remo... Read More »

How is static IP address advantageous over the dynamic IP address What are the benefits of static IP address?

IP address is the identity of a network device or of an application ( like web server, transaction server, media server). And organisation need to pay to IP address allocation authority ( for examp... Read More »