How to Configure a Static IP in Red Hat Linux?

Answer Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes the NetworkManager tool, which provides a graphical user interface for configuring network connections and IP address settings. Red Hat Linux, like other operating... Read More »

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How to Configure a Static Internet Protocol (IP) Address on a Computer?

All computers, just like houses, need to have an address on both the local network, and on the internet. Most operating systems come with a service to automatically assign this. But sometimes we wa... Read More »

How to Set Up a Static IP Address in Linux?

IP addressing represents a way to define a particular computer in the Internet. Often a computer automatically gets a dynamic IP address that changes each time you log into the network. The static ... Read More »

How to Configure NTP on Linux?

Ensuring that your Linux computer or server has the correct time can be critical, depending on your environment, whether personal or business. Databases use the time when stamping logs, which are ... Read More »

How to Configure X11 in Linux?

In the linux world, X11 (XFree86 or Xorg) provides the tools needed to use graphical applications. Without them, Linux would still be in the command line only. This explains how to configure them o... Read More »