How to Configure VNC Service?

Answer VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a client/server software package that provides convenient access the remote desktops of other computers. The server side of the VNC application can be run in "Use... Read More »

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How to Register & Configure a VNC Server for Service Mode?

VNC is a client/server program that provides a simple method to connect and control the PC desktop of a computer running on just about any software platform. The VNC Server application offers many... Read More »

How to Configure a Modem to Make DirecTV work with Vonage VOIP Service?

This page was designed to complement the page, How to Make Your Directv Tivo work with Vonage VOIP service. Be sure you have a modem with non volatile memory (NVRAM). Before hooking up your modem t... Read More »

How do you configure your iPhone 4 to only work with the wireless services of a single wireless service provider?

she has a i-phone 4, because i-phone 5 is impossible its a new phone

I read somewhere that ATT is the sole service provider for the new iPhone 3G. I am planning to buy the iPhone but your current service provider is Verizon I am happy with your service provider?

The new iPhones come with a SIM lock which means it is not possible to change the service provider of the phones. There are grey markets vendors who might help you break the SIM lock and use the iP... Read More »