How to Configure Linksys UPnP for DirecTV?

Answer Linksys routers can be configured to use UPnP, or Universal Plug and Play, technology. UPnP is a very helpful technology when it comes to connecting Internet devices, such as DirecTV boxes, as it w... Read More »

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How to Configure Linksys on DSL?

Linksys wireless routers are used to provide a wireless signal throughout the home so other computers can utilize the same signal. While the Linksys router comes with an easy-to-use System Wizard t... Read More »

How to Configure a Linksys Bridge?

A Linksys wireless bridge is an access point that is converted to "bridge" mode so that you can extend your wireless network to have a larger coverage area. You can use different Linksys products ... Read More »

How to Configure a Linksys Router?

Linksys routers are devices that enable computers to be networked together to share an Internet connection. As with other brands of routers, a Linksys router can be configured to suit the user's ne... Read More »

How to Configure the Linksys WRT54?

Straight out of the box, you can plug in a Linksys WRT54 wireless router and have full functionality. However, you may wish to configure certain settings to make your wireless network more personal... Read More »