How to Configure Bittorrent for a Linksys Router?

Answer Many people are familiar with Bittorrent and Bittorrent clients. Few may realize that their router is one potential bottleneck that can cause slow upload speeds. This article will show you how to i... Read More »

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How to Configure a Linksys Router?

Linksys routers are devices that enable computers to be networked together to share an Internet connection. As with other brands of routers, a Linksys router can be configured to suit the user's ne... Read More »

How to Configure a Linksys WRT160N Router?

Linksys Cisco RouterAre you having trouble getting your Linksys WRT160N router to connect to the internet? Here are some steps to help you configure it.

How to Configure a Cisco Linksys WRTP54G Router?

Routers often use Plug-and-Play technology, but sometimes they need configured to suit a user's advanced needs. This comes into play more often for wireless routers, where a user may wish to set up... Read More »

How to Configure a Linksys Router With Firewall Hardware?

Configuring your Linksys router with a built-in firewall is important for ensuring network security and stability. Configure the router using the configuration utility built into the router to init... Read More »