How to Conduct a Local Election Exit Poll?

Answer Exit polls are used to gauge how well candidates are doing in elections. It is actually very simple to conduct a low cost exit poll for local races. Exit polls are excellent research projects for y... Read More »

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How to Win a Local Election?

If you're interested in becoming involved in your community, a great way to go about this is by running for local election. In order to succeed, however, every candidate must have a clear idea of h... Read More »

How to Choose Who to Vote for in a Public Poll or Election?

Polling StationWith more polls and elections coming towards us, many of us don't know who to vote for. Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton, or John McCain or Mike Huckabee... Gordon Brown or David Cam... Read More »

Is our local Federal member for Brand WA Gary Gray in election mode already?

If he is, then maybe an election is closer than we dare hope! Although there is no way Labor will get back in, at least he is someone who has a bit of business nouse, not like the current front ben... Read More »

Guidelines for the Conduct of Informal Briefing Sessions for the Local Government?

The exact guidelines for making an informal presentation or briefing varies based on state law and local government policies according to the First Amendment Center. Speakers should prepare a prese... Read More »