How to Condition Yourself for Improvement in Drawing?

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What are good websites for do-it-yourself home repair/improvement information?

doityourself.comIt's a great sight with forums too.

How to Visually Teach Yourself Drawing?

Learning anything on your own can be challenging because you do not have a teacher to help you when you make mistakes. Drawing can be especially difficult when you do not understand why your sketch... Read More »

Ways to Express Yourself With Art by Drawing?

Expressing yourself through drawing can be a great way to let out abstract thoughts and emotions. Artistic expression is a great way to share joy, vent anger and frustration and test the limits of ... Read More »

Can you really get ink poisoning from drawing on yourself with an ink pen or is that just a myth?

It's a myth. Most commercial inks are soy based and completely harmless. If the drawings are bothersome to you try to draw on papaer instead. It can be a difficult habit to break, but I'm sure y... Read More »