How to Condition Soil Using Gypsum?

Answer Gypsum is also known as calcium sulphate. It makes an excellent soil conditioner that improves aeration and root penetration by loosening the clay in soils and helps to loosen compacted soils. Here... Read More »

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What does gypsum do to the soil?

Gypsum is used to loosen soil. It is commonly used when a shipment of soil has been overly compacted by machinery, or if there is a clay layer present in garden soil. Gypsum breaks through the hard... Read More »

How do I add gypsum to soil?

Prepare the SpreaderPurchase a fertilizer spreader from your local garden supply store. Adjust the spreader to release 40 lbs. per square foot, per the instruction manual.Spread The GypsumSpread th... Read More »

Gypsum Uses for Dirt & Soil?

Gypsum is an inexpensive mineral compound frequently added to multipurpose gardens to enhance and enrich plant growth. This mineral is both readily available at home and garden stores, and is also ... Read More »

Can gypsum be used to break up clay soil?

If hard clay soil makes it difficult to garden, gypsum is the answer. According to, adding gypsum to garden soil will not produce results overnight. However, with repeated application... Read More »