How to Condition Score a Horse?

Answer This working horse has protruding ribs and hipsCondition scoring is a method of measuring the condition (fat) of a horse. It is the best way to monitor a horse’s weight, and it needs no special e... Read More »

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How to Condition Your Horse?

A well-conditioned, well-tuned horse is worth it's weight in gold. Nobody likes to get on and ride for fifteen minutes, only to have their horse give out. Horses need to exercise in order to prefor... Read More »

How to Condition Your Horse for Endurance Riding?

How to condition your horse to do endurance riding starting from the beginning.

How to Condition Your Horse for a Vaulting Competition?

Training a horse into vaulting takes a lot of hard work and stress, so make sure it is suitable for you and your horse!  Also, your horse must be at least six years of age to be eligible to compet... Read More »

Distinguish between democratic condition and non democra tric condition?

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