How to Conceal Wide Hips?

Answer Who doesn't have a little too much of this and not enough of that on their body? Except for the nip and tuck crowd, almost no one. Large hips are an especially common problem for some women but her... Read More »

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Are my hips wide enough for me to get a thigh gap?

No its not impossible, my hips are really narrow, like 32" (yes, i'm a grown woman) and I have a gap so it's not impossible. But I think its just the way your legs are shaped too.

Why do women think they look ugly if they have wide hips?

Because bitchy girls and shallow guys like to tell women with big hips that they are fat.I'm 5ft2 and measure 38 inches around my butt. Considering I have a 26 inch waist and a healthy body fat per... Read More »

Tall girl with wide hips?

Put a measure tape above your hips and below your ribs and pull it tight. That # will be your smallest size. Frankly, size is in the culture. GAP you may be in the plus size but lane Bryant you may... Read More »

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