How to Compute Saving Account Interest Rates?

Answer Banks and other financial institutions offer savings accounts to customers. These savings accounts typically pay a small amount of interest. Knowing the interest rate that your bank pays you can he... Read More »

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How do i compare interest rates on saving accounts?

Compare interest rates on savings accounts by calling around to local lenders for interest rate quotes. However, ask for more details than simply the interest rate. Other factors are highly importa... Read More »

How do I compare credit union savings account interest rates?

Annual YieldLearn and note the annual percentage yield for each account you consider. This information will be on the information sheet for each account. Confirm that this is a standard rate, not m... Read More »

How to Compute a Compound Interest Rate?

In finance, compound interest is interest that builds up over time. Banks use compounding formulas when calculating the interest that accumulates on loans and savings account balances. For example,... Read More »

Is interest on saving bonds taxable?

Interest on savings bonds is taxable. However, you have the option to pay taxes on the interest as it accrues each year or to defer the interest until it is paid out when the savings bond matures.R... Read More »