How to Compute Ratios Into Probability?

Answer There are two types of ratios you can convert to a probability percentage. The first is a regular ratio -- for example, 1 in 3. This ratio tells you how many times something may happen given a numb... Read More »

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How to Compute the Probability of Nodal Involvement in Invasive Breast Cancer?

Have you wondered how to compute the probability of nodal involvement in invasive breast cancer in women after obtaining a clear sample of axillary lymph nodes? The following presents a step-by-ste... Read More »

How to Compute Statistical Mean?

The statistical mean, also referred to as the mean, equals the average value in a given set of numbers. For example, you might want to find the statistical mean of temperatures in a given month of ... Read More »

What does"compute"mean in math?

In mathematics, the term "compute" means to calculate or solve an equation through mathematical processes such as addition, multiplication or division. An equation can be computed by a calculator o... Read More »

How to Compute Goodwill?

Goodwill is an intangible asset that reflects a business's excess worth. It is often calculated by subtracting the value of assets from the purchase price of the business. This difference represent... Read More »