How to Compute Percentiles on a Histogram?

Answer A histogram is a graph of a single continuous variable. The variable is first categorized into bins. Then these bins are listed on the x (horizontal) axis. Then a rectangle is placed over the bin... Read More »

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Why Use Percentiles for Children?

The use of percentile grading for children is a highly controversial topic. One of the main concerns is that, since it pits student against student in a competitive grading scheme, it can have a de... Read More »

How do I Calculate Statistical Percentiles?

Any numeric variable (such as height, weight, IQ, temperature, etc.) that is collected on a sample of subjects (such as people or cities) can be put in order from smallest to largest or lowest to h... Read More »

How to Convert T-Scores to Percentiles?

T-Scores are mostly used on standardized psychological tests and some medical tests. The scores are designed so that a score of 50 is considered average and the standard deviation is 10. These scor... Read More »

How to Convert Percentiles to Standard Scores?

Percentiles are probably the most commonly quoted test score in education and indicate a student's ranking compared to a hypothetical group of 100 similar students of the same age, for the same tes... Read More »