How to Compose a Melody?

Answer Melodies consist of a stepwise progression of tones. Composing a melody requires the composer to make several decisions depending on the context.

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How to Put Chords to a Vocal Melody?

No matter what the melody, there's a chordal underpinning. Deciding what that is is a matter of personal taste. Inspiration is part of the creation process, and the melody one hears in their head i... Read More »

How to Build a Melody Harp?

A melody harp is a simple version of an ancient instrument called a plucked psaltery. Its 15 strings are tuned to a C scale, so it's very easy to play. A special form of "sheet music" slides under ... Read More »

How to Improvise a Melody on the Piano?

There are five factors that are chiefly responsible for the outcome of your improvisation when you play the piano, namely intuition, intellect, emotion, habit and sense of pitch.

How to Add Piano Chords to any Melody?

Remembering chords and then adding them to a melody can involve changing keys rapidly and carefully -- but most of them seem complicated to pronounce (Thankfully the practiced mind and body can han... Read More »