How to Compose a Good Bassline?

Answer Basslines are very important to a song whether or not it sounds like it. They provide the moving feeling and display the base structure that a song is built upon. Depending on the music, there are ... Read More »

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How to Compose Good Proposal Papers?

As a proposal director, you often need to create long papers which are important to the accomplishment of the proposal. So it's imperative that you complete a competent work. If you want to enhance... Read More »

How to Make Bassline 4 x 4 Beats?

Bassline 4x4 beats are a form of UK dance/trance music. The creation process of these beats involves lots of fast-paced sounds and samples that range over 145 bpm (beats per minute). The term "Bass... Read More »

How to Make a Techno Bassline in FL Studio?

When it comes to making dance music, whether it's house, trance, drum 'n' bass, or just straight techno, FL Studio has established itself to be a premier and intuitive musical tool to accomplish th... Read More »

What does cc: on compose an email mean?

carbon copy. It means that the person who's address is in that space will also get a copy of the original e-mail.