How to Compliment a Woman's Personality?

Answer When dealing with the fairer sex, it can be tricky. You probably already knew that, though. But if you've met a woman and want to compliment her and do it in a way that won't have her dumping a dri... Read More »

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Personality generally refers to an individual's character or his permanent behavioral traits Which of the following statements best describes personality development?

Environmental influences begin shaping our personality at birth, and it continues to develop throughout our lifetime.

How much stuff can you fit into a womans vagina?

Um, at least one fist.But each one really is different in what it "can take".

What is the most children had in a womans stomach at once?

First, babies are not found in a woman's stomach. Babies grow in a woman's womb. The official record for the most babies in a pregnancy was set in 1971, when an Italian woman on fertility treatmen... Read More »

Size 1 in juniors is what in womans?