How to Compliment People?

Answer Complimenting people can get you very far in life, from making your friends feel good to showing off your good side. Here's how to give compliments the right way.

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How to Compliment a Guy?

Receiving a compliment can lead to a great friendship or help a day be better. Everyone loves a good compliment! Especially guys. Just remember not to be fake.

How to Compliment a Woman?

Giving a compliment to a woman you're interested in can be an easy yet effective way to make her feel special. Unfortunately, too many guys don't know how to give good compliments. They'll either s... Read More »

How to Compliment Girls?

Have you ever experienced awkward silence when you couldn't think of anything to say? Have you wanted to say something about a girl, but don't exactly know how? Here is how to compliment a girl wit... Read More »

How to Respond to a Compliment?

There's nothing like receiving dozens of compliment to build up your confidence, even if you flush with embarrassment at first. Its a good idea to use these top tips for the next time a friend says... Read More »