How to Completely Remove McAfee to Use Kaspersky?

Answer If you could use the Control Panel to uninstall all programs, it would be easier to remove software from your computer. For McAfee software, that method doesn't work, as it will not completely remo... Read More »

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Which program is better, Kaspersky or McAfee?

Kaspersky or McAfee both sucksgo for Microsoft security essential

Which is the best computer anti-virus norton, mcafee or kaspersky?

All are good programs. However, there is no one BEST program for everyone and no single program can protect against all infections! Each person's individual computer usage is completely different.... Read More »

Mcafee ,norton or Kaspersky ,which do you think is the best as a all rounder security suite?

McCaffee = BadNorton = WorseKaspersky = Excellent

Kaspersky, McAfee or Norton Which is the best anti-virus software among these 3 ?

well among the ones that you picked "Kasper sky" is the Best one no offense.but in reality there is one even better than that one. that is "Bit Defender". so if are to choose between the ones that ... Read More »