How to Completely Remove Internet Explorer From Windows XP?

Answer Although Internet Explorer is the default Web browser for computers that feature the Windows XP operating system, this does not mean it is the only browser you can use. People often use Web browser... Read More »

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How to Completely Uninstall Internet Explorer From Windows XP?

Microsoft Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP, come with the Internet Explorer internet browser pre-installed. This is great for those who prefer Internet Explorer over other browsers, su... Read More »

How do I remove Internet Explorer from Windows XP pro?

Open the "Add or Remove Programs" MenuClick "Start" > "Control Panel" to open the Control Panel options menu. Click "Add or Remove Programs" to bring up a list of programs installed on your compute... Read More »

Is it possible to uninstall/remove Internet explorer from windows vista?

You can't do it. MS made it an integral part of the OS back in the 90's. They put large parts of IE in Windows 95's DLL files, so if you remove IE, you break the operating system. In 1997, they wer... Read More »

How do i remove pagerage from my computer completely if i have windows vista or windows xp?

Hey Justin -I've been using PageRage for a year and it hasn't made my computer crash. But to answer your actual question - have you tried following these steps?Uninstall Yontoo LayersUninstall fro... Read More »