How to Complete the FAFSA 2009-10?

Answer Paying for college is a concern many families have when considering the potential cost and debt a student will incur while seeking to obtain a college degree. Also known as the Free Application for... Read More »

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Is the 2009-2010 FAFSA good for the summer 2009 semester?

Dwayne:Suba's information is not correct.It IS possible to get financial aid in the summer, but your options are limited. Let's take a look.First of all, I can't answer your question about the corr... Read More »

If your planning on taking spring classes, do I enter 2008-2009 school year on my FAFSA or 2009-2010?

You are confusing me Spicy, I am still in high school. :)

How to Complete My FAFSA Application?

The United States government offers loan and grant money to college students to help them complete their education. According to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid website, Stafford Loans... Read More »

How do I complete my FAFSA form?

Get your tax forms, your parents tax forms, both of your PINS and read every question very carefully. When it asks about questions from your income look on the lines the question indicates to get ... Read More »