How to Complete the Davis Farmland Mega Maze (12 & Under)?

Answer Davis Farmland is always fun but have you experienced the mega maze? Here is how to get through the maze when your frustrated!

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How to Make a Hexbug Complete a Maze Using Legos?

HexbugHave you got a Hexbug? Are you bored of it? Well how about watching it complete a maze. Keep on reading to find out how!

Mega pixel camera,how many mega pixels will the human eye recognise?

The human eye will detect 300dpi. Megapixels will define the overall number of pixels - hence size of the image. So 8.3mp will print at A4 size at 300dpi. But 2mps will also print at 300 dpi - j... Read More »

Is Warren W Davis related to Richard to Richard k Davis?

That's completely up to you, I cant state any opinion on that.

What is the difference between mega bytes and mega bits?

Some of these answers are seriously offThere are 8 bits in a byte. (And there are between 2 and 4 bytes are a 'word' but that depends on your hardware architecture, incidentally 4 bits are a nib... Read More »