How to Complete Your Rock Sound?

Answer This is aimed towards bands that are already formed in one way or another to help complete the band's goals and sound.

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How to Play Rock Beat and Simple Variations That Sound Awesome?

This article will show you how to play the oh so popular simple rock beat and variations of it that are simple enough yet sound way better!

Whan im jammin to rock my speakers sound like thay are blown?

Static is cause by electrical storms (thunderstorms) and causes interference to radio reception. So, no, there isn't any static.I think your 'speakers may have been damaged. Get an electronics ma... Read More »

A vacuum cleaner produces sound with a measured sound level of 64.0 dB. What is the pressure amplitude of the sound mPa?

Sound level Lp = 64 dBSPL equals what sound pressure p (rms)?The sound pressure is: 0.0317 pascals (Pa) = 31.7 millipascals (mPa)The reference sound pressure is: p0 = 20 μPa = 2 · 10-5 Pa (0 dB)T... Read More »

I want to buy a surround sound sytem, I would prefer to buy a sound bar how good are they at projecting sound?

Soundbars try to fire rear sounds out at a wide angle so you get a reflection from the sides.How centered is your television in the middle of your wall?Do you have symmetrical side walls for the so... Read More »