How to Compile a Program in Linux?

Answer Source code is a computer program in human readable form. However, the machine cannot execute source code. The code must be compiled into machine code before it is useful. In linux, the "make" buil... Read More »

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How to Compile a C/C++ Program on Ubuntu Linux?

This article will show you how to compile a C/C++ program on Ubuntu Linux using the GNU gcc/g++ compiler. Additions were made in order to simplify and clarify the creation of a C/C++ program on Ubu... Read More »

How to Compile the Linux Kernel?

The linux kernel is the heart of any linux system. It handles user input/output, hardware, and controlling the power in the computer. While the kernel that comes with your linux distribution is usu... Read More »

How to Compile a Linux Device Driver?

The Linux kernel loads device drivers and is the core of the operating system in all Linux versions. Device drivers are loaded automatically for supported hardware in most APT- and RPM-based distri... Read More »

How do I compile the Linux kernel tailored for the Android platform?

This is a good android tutorial:…Before you type make menuconfig type make defconfig.