How to Compensate for Less Than Perfect Produce?

Answer Experienced food shoppers will know that there's a big difference in the kinds of produce they can expect to get at any given store or in any local area. Not all fruits and vegetables are sold look... Read More »

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How to Have Perfect and Gorgeous Skin in Less Than 15 Minutes?

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On Less Than Perfect what comedian plays the obnoxious Owen?

Do indoor salt-water pools produce less noticeable or safer fumes than chlorinated pools enabling the air to be used to humidify another area?

No.... Correct water balance is the key to clean air. And I would add, the water needs to "gas" of any chemicals that are added. I would think this would be a bad idea to communicate pool environm... Read More »

Why should taxpayers accept anything less than the healthcare of our employees (Obama et al) are we less human?

Well, I think "mommanuke" may have unwittingly nuked her youthful brain because she never even answered your question in big, bold letters, but went off on you for getting irrational just because y... Read More »