How to Compensate for Less Than Perfect Produce?

Answer Experienced food shoppers will know that there's a big difference in the kinds of produce they can expect to get at any given store or in any local area. Not all fruits and vegetables are sold look... Read More »

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Why do celebrities seem to have perfect skin, perfect body, and perfect teeth?

im guessing it is because they have their own personal instructers and stuff like that. And sometimes i have heard that the camra takes off 10 pounds or it puts on and most of the time stars arent... Read More »

How to Compensate for a Bad Teacher?

"I hate my job, but I don't feel like retiring. So I'll just linger on and be a horrible teacher."Every day you do absolutely nothing in their class. It's a waste of time and the worst part: you ar... Read More »

How to Compensate for a Low GMAT Score?

Business school at the graduate level is a competitive environment, and the heavy competition begins at the admissions process. For every business graduate studies program there are more applicants... Read More »

How to mathematically compensate for PayPal fees?

3.2/100 = 0.032.$70 - $2.24 = $67.76So, if you wanted to increase the price so you would receive $70: you would need to price the item at the price of $72.31 - $2.31 = $70.$2.31 = $72.31 X 0.032.