How to Compare Synthetic Motorcycle Oils?

Answer Since 1885, when Gottlieb Daimler first strapped a petrol engine to a wooden bike, motorcycles have used oil. Despite this history, many who use motor oil today have little understanding of what it... Read More »

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How to Mix Mobil Gear Synthetic Oils With Nonsynthetic Oils?

The longstanding duel between synthetic oil and conventional oil has a long history that lends credence to the assumption that the end is nowhere near in sight. Synthetic oil is basically a molecul... Read More »

Synthetic Oils Vs. Paraffin Wax Oils?

Paraffin wax oils and synthetic oils act as engine lubricants; they also neutralize acids and dissolve tar buildup in the engine. Paraffin wax oil is a mineral oil with added paraffin and wax, whil... Read More »

Synthetic Vs. Conventional Oils?

The topic of many automotive-related debates focuses on synthetic oils versus conventional oils. It has been a hot topic since the 1970s when synthetic oil was first introduced. Meanwhile, the chem... Read More »

How good are synthetic oils?

On One Hand: Advantages Of Synthetic OilAccording to, the major advantage of synthetic oil over conventional oil is its resistance to thermal breakdown. It also has better chemical and s... Read More »