How to Compare Shock Absorbers?

Answer Shock absorbers are what give vehicles a smooth ride with minimal bumpiness. The shock absorbers on a vehicle are subject to wear and tear, so after time they can become ineffective and may need to... Read More »

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When to Buy Shock Absorbers?

Just as unavoidable as death and taxes is the fact that, eventually, you will need to buy new shocks for your vehicle and have them installed. Shocks ensure that your car or truck handles comfortab... Read More »

What Are Struts & Shock Absorbers?

Struts are used in most modern suspensions and combine the task of suspending the vehicle's weight and controlling wheel movement. A shock absorber is part of the strut assembly and is used to cont... Read More »

When should shock absorbers be replaced?

On One Hand: Regular Inspection is Important.Because they are a "wear item," there is no specific mileage at which shock absorbers need to be changed. The Car Care Council, a consumer help organiza... Read More »

When should i change my shock absorbers?

On One Hand: Mileage GuidelinesSome manufacturers recommend that you inspect and possibly change shock absorbers between 60,000 to 75,000 miles. This number may vary if you have driven a lot on rou... Read More »