How to Compare Quality for Struts?

Answer One of the best ways to customize your car to suit your handling and ride characteristics is to install struts that meet your needs. Struts dampen a rough ride, but also directly influence handling... Read More »

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How is picture quality of Karbonn titanium s5 mobile compare to the Samsung Grand mobile's picture quality?

Well the Samsung Grand is an awesome phone with an 8mp camera and zero shutter lag the best camera I've ever seen in phones at a low price. Well the answer is samsung grand camera quality is way be... Read More »

Can you compare the picture quality of LCD TV's with plasma TV's?

Picture Quality Interesting question. Having worked on LCD, DLP and plasma sets, I've found that a lot of it depends on several factors. Truth is, they can all provide fantastic pictures, but they... Read More »

How does India's air quality compare with western nations?

I have lived in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi and have found the air quality to be low. The air quality in cities like Trivandrum is good. Generally cities with less industrial development have good ai... Read More »

How do I compare nursing home quality measures?

Know What the Ratings MeanNursing homes regularly gather information about their residents, including general health, physical functioning and mental status, and report it to Medicare. Medicare use... Read More »