How to Compare Pedometers?

Answer A pedometer can help you figure out how physically active you are by measuring your steps. A healthy adult should have a goal of 10,000 steps per day. There are several features to consider when se... Read More »

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Why should people use pedometers?

On One Hand: Ease of UsePedometers are widely available and inexpensive. According to Linda S. Rollergert, Nutrition and Health Education Specialist at the University of Missouri, pedometers can be... Read More »

Do pedometers calculate differently than speedometers?

Most pedometers contain spring-loaded arms that move back and forth with the momentum of your steps. Each time the arm moves, the step counter increases by one. On the other hand, a speedometer mea... Read More »

How accurate are GPS pedometers for city walking?

On One Hand: GPS Pedometers Can Provide Pinpoint AccuracyGPS uses a network of satellites to determine location on the earth. Using a pedometer with GPS tracking can provide the most accurate repor... Read More »

Compare oef-p to oif?

OIF was an actual invasion, whereas OEF-P is simply an assistance and advisory programme in a country which is already on friendly terms with the United States, and in which US forces aren't intend... Read More »