How to Compare Operating Systems?

Answer Operating systems can be compared against one another regardless of which one(s) you choose to use.

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Network Operating Systems Vs. Embedded Operating Systems?

"Network" and "embedded" are two different types of operating systems (OS) used in business and industry. A network OS is used in business network infrastructures, allowing data and resources to be... Read More »

Can i use 2 operating systems?

hii .. well nothing is impossible dude .. u can install xp and vista ..the issue u ve to face is .. xp is older so u cant install it wen u r using vista .so what u ve to do is install xp and then v... Read More »

How can I run two operating systems on the same computer?

You have an alternative option rather than splitting your hard disk drive up, since this will erase all of your data permanently.Right now, you could download Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and install ... Read More »

How to Change Operating Systems?

Changing operating systems isn't difficult. You may need to upgrade an outdated computer, or free up some space with a slimmed-down version of your old operating system. Every installation of an op... Read More »