How to Compare Junior College to University?

Answer The great question of many high school graduates, prospective college students, and even current college and junior college students. Does junior college = future failure? Does a university = futur... Read More »

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What does it mean when it says a junior college course is non-transferable?

Junior college courses often count toward credits needed for a bachelor's degree at a four-year college or university. The credits are transferred to the new college or university. However, a nontr... Read More »

How to Verify Junior College Degrees?

A junior college is a school that offers a variety of associate degrees and certification options for students. Many students complete their first two years of post-secondary education at a junior ... Read More »

How many credits are required to be a junior in college?

The number of credits required to be a junior varies among colleges. Typically, the total is about 60 credits. Many universities require 120 credits to graduate, meaning those with between 60 and ... Read More »

Junior College X Ray Tech Programs?

X-ray technicians, also called radiological technicians, use X-ray equipment to take X-ray images of patients' bodies, which physicians use to diagnose medical issues below the surface of the skin.... Read More »