How to Compare Job Evaluations & Employee Evaluations?

Answer Many companies have policies in place for conducting job evaluations and employee evaluations. These are necessary to ensure that the descriptions of the jobs are accurate and that employees are su... Read More »

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Are employee evaluations needed?

On One Hand: Evaluations Are Helpful.An employee evaluation is valuable to the employer and the worker receiving the evaluation. Both parties should have the ability to share feedback about job per... Read More »

What is the purpose of employee evaluations?

The two basic principles behind an employee evaluation are to provide a means of describing job performance and a means of discussing that performance. Employee evaluation systems have tools to hel... Read More »

Checklist for Employee Evaluations?

Employee evaluations are generally conducted once or twice a year. Information provided on employee evaluations can be used by senior management to make promotional, job assignment and salary incre... Read More »

Questions for Employee Evaluations?

Employee evaluations typically cover the employee's challenges, accomplishments and goals. According to an article on performance management by Indiana University, the employee evaluation is one of... Read More »