How to Compare Groups in a Statistical Analysis?

Answer Comparing groups is a very common statistical activity. The proper method depends on whether you have two or more than two groups, and what type of variable you want to compare, such as nominal, or... Read More »

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Statistical Analysis Ideas?

No matter how great your data is, if you cannot explain it, nobody will know. Statistical analysis techniques allow us to make an inference from a set of data. Without these techniques, data is not... Read More »

Kinds of Statistical Analysis?

Statistics involves the study of data to derive new understanding of the subjects the data represents. Because this discipline can examine both past performance and make educated guesses about the ... Read More »

How to Determine Which Statistical Analysis to Use?

Statistical tests are used by scientists to interpret large amounts of data gathered from experiments. There are no hard and fast rules when choosing an appropriate statistical analysis tool. Most ... Read More »

Software for Statistical Analysis?

Modern computers have given statistical analysis a huge boost. Various software packages can analyze large sets of statistical data, eliminating the need for dozens, if not hundreds, of time-consum... Read More »