How to Compare Fixed Rate Credit Cards?

Answer Comparing fixed rate credit card offers involves understanding some basic elements like introductory terms, reward programs, APRs and penalty fees. You also need to take a look at your financial si... Read More »

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Are there any permanent fixed-rate credit cards available?

Banks usually offer some fixed-rate credit cards, which often have lower interest rates than variable rate cards. According to Consumer Action, in July 2009, variable-rate cards averaged 13.20 perc... Read More »

How to Transfer Credit Card Balances at a Fixed Rate?

Even when the interest rates on savings and investments decline, the rates on credit cards tend to remain stubbornly high. That is why it is important for consumers who carry a balance on their cre... Read More »

How do I compare credit cards rates?

APRGet the annual percentage rate (APR) finance charge for each credit card you're comparing. Confirm that this is the standard APR and not a limited time introductory rate. Find out if any cards a... Read More »

How to Compare Prepaid Credit Cards?

A prepaid credit card is a way to enjoy the use of a credit card without spending money you do not have. A prepaid credit card requires you to add money to the account before you spend anything. Th... Read More »