How to Compare Data in a Cell With Another Cell in Excel 2003?

Answer Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet application that is included with most versions of the Microsoft Office application suite. This program provides users with the ability to create tables to store,... Read More »

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How do I automatically transfer info from a cell in an Excel workbook to another cell on a separate sheet?

There is no shortcut key combination to transfer data from one worksheet to another one in the same workbook. What you need is to create a formula in the second worksheet that uses a reference to ... Read More »

How to Change excel Cell Value Based on Another Cell Value?

This is normally accomplished through the use of Formulas, but may also be handled with VBA code in a Macro.As to Formulas, they usually incorporate one or more Functions that are available to do s... Read More »

How to Lock a Cell in Excel After Data Entry?

Microsoft Excel contains features that allow you to set a password and specify precisely which workbook elements should be protected by that password. If you periodically enter large amounts of dat... Read More »

Protecting one single cell in MS Excel 2003?

The default setting for each cell is for them to start locked. So, you first need to highlight ALL cells in the sheet, right click, choose format, go to the Protection tab and take the tick out of ... Read More »