How to Compare Credit Card Interest Rates With a Calculator?

Answer There are literally hundreds of credit cards available for personal and business use, all of which carry their own particular interest rate. The interest rate is the amount you pay on top of every ... Read More »

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How do I compare credit union savings account interest rates?

Annual YieldLearn and note the annual percentage yield for each account you consider. This information will be on the information sheet for each account. Confirm that this is a standard rate, not m... Read More »

How to Compare Credit Card Rates?

There are many credit cards available that offer various interest rates, rewards and other perks. When thinking about how to compare credit card rates, have an understanding of what the card will b... Read More »

How do I compare credit card rates in the UK?

Comparison SitesMake use of one of many all-purpose comparison sites available in the UK to compare credit card rates. Comparison websites such as and are free and impart... Read More »

Legislation on Credit Card Interest Rates?

Passed in 2009, the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure--which was also known as the Credit CARD Act--introduced legislation for new laws regarding credit card interest rates.