How to Compare Colon Cleansing Products?

Answer You’ve probably heard a lot about colon cleansing. It’s become a huge part of alternative health, and you can find countless products and information on the Internet. But how do you know which ... Read More »

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Do stores sell colon cleansing products?

Colon cleansing products are sold at a wide variety of stores. For example, Target and sell Colon Cleanse Bulk Laxative Powder; GNC sells Health Plus® Inc. Super Colon Cleanse®; and Wa... Read More »

Can you lose weight with colon detox or cleansing Muscle Max products?

On One Hand: You Can Lose Weight.You can lose weight by cleansing your colon. According to, colon cleansing is an option which "restores our digestive system to good health, and as a ... Read More »

Suggestions for colon cleansing?

The safest way to do it is to eat nothing except gazpacho for a week. Drink lots of water. Your colon will be as clean as a whistle, you will lose weight, and your skin will look beautiful. Leav... Read More »

Is colon cleansing necessary or safe?

On One Hand: Probably Not Necessary, But is Probably SafeThe jury is still out on whether colon cleansing is necessary, according to WebMD. However, it is usually safe, especially when a trained pr... Read More »