How to Compare Broadband Access?

Answer Broadband is high-speed Internet service. Providers offer broadband through phone and cable lines, or satellite. Compare broadband service to determine the best value, by evaluating details about t... Read More »

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Is getting broadband phone with broadband internet access like having a traditional phone and dial-up?

Voice over IP services (like Vonage, and others) use only part of your bandwidth (much like having another computer or browser attached). It won't need all of your bandwidth and can coexist with ot... Read More »

What is a broadband access connection?

A broadband access connection is basically a digital subscriber line (DSL) connection to a third-party Internet provider. It is thus named because it gives a computer access to a broadband connecti... Read More »

How much broadband access is 100mb?

Broadband rated at 100 Mbps can transfer data up to 100 megabits per second, according to Broadcast Engineering. This type of connection provides incredible speed---allowing you to download a full ... Read More »

Can you access old emails when you switch to broadband?

If you accessed your email by entering the user name and password for your old Internet Service Provider, you will likely not be able to access your email after you switch to broadband. If you use ... Read More »