How to Communicate With Your Children when They Think They're Alienated?

Answer For some children, they may feel alienated from the family or peers at school for several reasons. You can make them feel loved by letting them know you love them the way they are, and that they ca... Read More »

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How to Deal With Your Young Children When They Interrupt You?

All children interrupt their parents when they are talking to someone. Learn why and how to respond appropriately.

How to Maintain a Relationship With Your Adult Children & Grandchildren When They Move?

When your children grow into adults and have their own children, living close by is a special treat that allows you to see the next generation of your family grow up. If for some reason they have t... Read More »

Your sister adopted your 2 children they want to come back home with me can they do that?

Try moving your sim in with their sister and children and then use the "Find Own Place" option on the computer to move him/her out with the children. You could also try moving the sister and the 2 ... Read More »

Why do you think children bully others on the Internet, when they wouldn’t do this in person?

Cowardice, as others have mentioned.Also there is an element of anonymity on the internet which results in a delusion that there is no way that they will be found out.Many kids, especially bullies ... Read More »