How to Communicate With Hand Signs?

Answer Communicate with others using hand signs. Hand signs can be useful for communicating with others secretly.

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Is It Possible To Reprogram A Hand Held Barcode Scanner and the Cradle to communicate with my PC Software.?

You need the proper programming software for it.

I hear repetitive hand motions can cause nerve damage. How else should I communicate with other motorists?

Really, you should keep both hands on the wheel.Some things just shouldn't be done in public.A time and place for everything, yes?

Why does your 5 year old son start writing with his left hand and finishes with his right hand?

it is probably easier for him i used to be like that but i settled into being left handedThe boy has not yet " decided " which hand he will use to write with. At a certain point, his brain will dec... Read More »

How to Identify Hand Signs?

Hand signs allow deaf persons and others to communicate visually without the use of sound. Hand signs are usually individual letters that are put together to form words and then sentences. There ar... Read More »