How to Communicate With Confidence?

Answer How to have a conversation with confidence is actually much easier than you think. Conversation is one of the oldest forms of communication and we do it all the time. We talk to our friends, family... Read More »

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How to Hug with Confidence?

Everyone likes to get a hug, but sometimes you're a little too nervous to hug someone. Hugging can be different from time to time, just like kissing. Unlike kissing, hugging is something special fo... Read More »

Do you have 0 confidence in yourself?

lol, I just asked a Q in this section!and no, i'm pretty confident. or at least, I act like I am.

I want more confidence......?

Let us start from the top. Confidence can be attained if you strengthen your self-esteem. To strengthen your self-esteem you need to change your attitude.But here are some well written steps to do ... Read More »

How can i have better self confidence in myself ?

Ashley - I think this is a BIG problem for a lot of girls. It is hard to feel your best when you are NOT feeling your best! :) I know you don't what to be judged by your appearance so remember wh... Read More »