How to Communicate With Body Language?

Answer It is often said that in face-to-face and even body-to-body communications, the words we speak actually account for less than 10% of the message that we convey, while body language accounts for mor... Read More »

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Is someone who cannot speak but can use sign language to communicate disabled?

Answer They are considered "disabled" because they don't have the ability to speak. This is the dictionary definition of disability: "A disadvantage or deficiency, especially a physical or mental ... Read More »

How to Communicate in a Foreign Country When You Don't Speak the Language?

What would you do if your boss told you that she had suddenly decided to send you to a country whose language you don't speak at all? Barring the possibility of taking a crash-language course (whic... Read More »

How to Study the Way Cells Communicate with Each Other in the Human Body?

The communication between cells in the human body is an essential biological process for maintaining homeostasis or keeping constant environment in the body. This process is mediated through the se... Read More »

How to Read a Man's Body Language?

If you can understand a man's body language, you will gain valuable insights into what he is thinking about you. You will be able to tell if a man is interested in dating you, wants a fling, is hop... Read More »