How to Communicate Between Home & School?

Answer When it comes to looking after a child's education and well-being, it is vital that parents and teachers be on the same page. One way to ensure that these two forces in a child's life remain a unif... Read More »

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Can MS XP Home communicate with MS Vista?

It is possible for Windows XP Home and Windows Vista to communicate with each other. Computers with the two operating systems can be networked together to enable file sharing, printer sharing and m... Read More »

How to Communicate With School Personnel?

Proper communication with school personnel can be the key to defusing, understanding and resolving a situation in which your child's educational needs are not being met. May it be a behavioral issu... Read More »

How do school bus drivers communicate?

School bus drivers regularly use radios that comply with Federal Communications Commission-regulated frequencies to communicate with dispatchers at bus garages and other drivers. Some also may use ... Read More »

Laptop can't communicate with DNS server while @ school...?

can you connect at all at the school or just can't for dns? try pinging if it works you have internet but no dns. change your dns settings to use if you can't ping the... Read More »