How to Communicate Better and Not Argue?

Answer Everybody argues once in a while, but for some people to stop is a lot harder than others. Teenagers especially tend to argue a lot with their family. Hopefully this article will help to stop it.

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How to Argue?

'"An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a definite proposition."'Monty Python on ArgumentsIt can be difficult for people to get their point across without hurting on... Read More »

How to Never Argue?

While you will always have times you will not agree with someone during your lifetime, arguing doesn't always offer a solution. Arguments usually result in both parties being irritated, angry, and ... Read More »

How to Argue an Interpretation?

Interpretation is the key to understanding, as it is the doorway of perception. The problem is that people interpret facts based on their own frame of reference. This means that what is fact to one... Read More »

How to Argue That God Does Not Exist?

Many zealots are very defensive concerning the nonexistence of god. Often times, an atheist will be verbally challenged simply because of their lack of religious belief. It is at these times when o... Read More »