How to Commemorate the Death of a Stillborn Child?

Answer Commemorating the death of a stillborn child is a journey through the process of healing. While the child was stillborn, the mother felt the baby kick, grow and felt the life of the child inside he... Read More »

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Naming a Stillborn Child + help me name my possibly stillborn triplets.?

how about Charity? thats my name and when people hear that their like "what" and then they say they love my nameits unique and it means giving.My middle name is Marieand my confirmation name is The... Read More »

Can a stillborn child be claimed as a dependent on IRS taxes?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, you cannot claim an exemption for a stillborn child on your federal tax return. The child must be born alive to be claimed as an exemption.Source:IRS: Per... Read More »

Is losing a child to adoption worse than losing a child in death?

ironically camira...quite frankly, i'm surprised at the responses you are receiving. most accept that adoption loss (from the fmom's perspective) and death are not the same. yet, substitute the v... Read More »

How to Explain Death to a Child?

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