How to Comfort Your Friend?

Answer One of the greatest things about having friends is that they can be there for you when you're feeling down. They can comfort you, or even help you in a way. Here's how to be a good friend when you'... Read More »

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How to Comfort a Grieving Friend?

If you ever have a friend who is sad or depressed, this is what to do. Read on!

How to Comfort Your Best Friend when She Is Crying?

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How do you comfort a friend that has cancer?

i know where you're coming from.. my dad had cancer.. we just watched baseball games, and b.s. back an forth, we watched movies, etc.. laughter, and love is the best medicine..i never brought up ca... Read More »

How to Comfort an Upset Friend?

Have you ever been in a situation where your friend was crying and you didn't know how to console them? Looking here will help you find helpful ways to comfort a friend who is upset.